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1. The articles that will be sent should be in accordance with Publication Principles and Spelling Rules.

2. The articles should be sent via e-mail to iibfdergi@sdu.edu.tr as a Microsoft Word file, and also no need to send electronic copies.

3. The files that are required to be on the e-mail:


-Communication Form

-Fee Receipt

4. Communication form should be signed by all authors.

5. All authors’ names and last names should be used to name the files. Files should be named as follows:

Article: Name Last Name-Name Last Name-Article Title

Communication Form: Name Last Name-Name Last Name-Communication Form

Fee Receipt: Name Last Name-Name Last Name-Receipt

6. A notification e-mail will be sent to the authors within a week after sending the articles.

7. If the articles violate the Publication Principles and Spelling Rules, before the peer review process the authors may be asked to edit the article again or the article may be rejected.

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